The man credited for the highly successful share market spin off of Daimler Trucks from its parent company Daimler  Group, Jochen Goetz had sadly died at just 52.

Goetz was the chief financial officer of Daimler Truck and he has generally been credited with the successful spinoff from its parent, the automotive giant that makes Mercedes-Benz cars.

Goetz had worked for Daimler Group for more than three decades and was a loyal lieutenant to Daimler Truck boss Martin Daum  in recent years.

Daimler Truck said he was “decisively responsible” for the spinoff from the rest of the company that renamed itself Mercedes-Benz Group AG in 2021, with  Daimler’s truck division becoming a seperate but Lin ned company with its own place on the stock market in Germany, a move that bolstered  its position as the world’s largest maker of trucks,

Daimler Truck’s statement said Goetz died in a “tragic incident” on Saturday but didn’t provide any details.

“The death of Jochen Goetz is a tremendous loss for Daimler Truck, both personally and professionally,” said Martin Daum, chairman of the company’s board of management, in a statement.

Goetz  joined Daimler  our of University n 1987  and was also a member of the company’s board of management. He spent most of his career in the truck realm inlacing becoming a senior manager in 2003, a director in 2009, a Vice President of Finance with trucks in 2015 and joined the Board of Management in 2019.