Transmission maker Eaton has increased its power and weight ratings on its medium-duty Procision line.

The new ratings for the seven-speed transmission were added to expand market coverage to a broader range of potential customers and to increase compatibility with additional diesel engines.

Horsepower ratings have been increased from 260 HP to 300 HP, with maximum GVW ratings increased to 15.8 tonnes on air brake-equipped trucks.

According to product director of medium and heavy duty/hybrid transmissions at Eaton, Jef Walker, the new ratings will also bring better fuel economy.

“By extending the horsepower and GVW ratings on Procision, Eaton is providing more customers with the opportunity to spec this transmission to help them achieve better fuel economy and improve driver confidence across applications,” Walker said.

“Fleets that have specified and are running Procision today have seen the benefits, and today’s announcement broadens the range of applications for Procision.”

Eaton claims that Procision combines the efficiency of a manual transmission with the smooth shifting of an automatic transmission.