Once known as a maker of  the famed  RoadRanger 18 speed transmission for heavy duty diesel trucks, Eaton is well on its way to fulfilling a niche in  the future powertrain needs of the world in a zero emission environment, with the US based company winning a major award for its new heavy-duty four-speed electric vehicle (EV) transmission.

Eaton, which now describes itself rather grandly as  an “Intelligent power management company” revealed  it has received the “2023 Top 100 Players of China’s New Automotive Supply Chain” award for its heavy-duty four-speed electric vehicle (EV) transmission from China-based automotive publication, Gasgoo with Eaton representatives accepting the award in Shanghai this week.

“We are honored to receive this prestigious award from Gasgoo, one of the top automotive publications in China,” said Bo Yang, president, Eaton Mobility Group APAC.

“Our heavy duty four-speed EV transmission was selected over numerous technologies from competitors, which highlights just how impactful one of our latest EV technologies has been to the industry.”

Gasgoo  says it launched the Awards with the goal of “discovering good companies and promoting good technologies.”

it says the Awards are presented in various categories, including intelligent cabin, intelligent driving, intelligent chassis, chips, software, artificial intelligence, powertrain electrification, thermal management, low-carbon and new materials. The awards are to recognise outstanding companies and technologies and provide a platform to showcase innovative tech firms and industry leaders with a goal to drive the industry’s growth and advancement.

The new heavy-duty four-speed EV transmission, which is a part of Eaton’s portfolio of electrified vehicle components, solves the primary issue related to single-speed drive commercial vehicles: contradictory requirements for high efficiency at top speeds and increased torque at launch and low speeds.

“Our solution is to expand the range of the battery by adding an EV transmission,” Yang said.

“The vehicle can perform well on hills and efficiently at highway speeds, without adding a larger motor and in most cases, actually using a smaller, less costly motor, which is a major buying point for commercial EV operators.”

Equipping electrified commercial vehicles with multi-speed transmissions takes strain off the battery and electric motor, allowing for greater performance and range with efficient use of components.