From the same country famous for its flat pack furniture comes another entrant to the driverless truck race, the Einride T Pod.

Swedish start up Einride has unveiled a full size prototype of its remotely controlled pallet transport, the T Pod and says it aims for testing this year.

The T Pod is expected to have a range of around 200km and will be put into service first in a route between Gothenburg and Helsingborg by 2020 in Sweden, with 200 T-Pods traveling the route, which will be outfitted with charging stations.

“Following a big investment round, we are moving forward,” said CEO Robert Falck says.

“We have commitment from customers to get this installed during autumn and we will see the T-pod live in a couple of months.”

Einride has a vision to transport 2 million pallets per year using the technology and says Sweden is the ideal place to establish the network because of the progressive legislature regarding autonomous vehicles.

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