Freighter has continued to focus on ergonomics with its newest trailer model, the T-Liner MARK II with a third less buckles along the common curtained side loader.

According to general manager Mario Colosimo, fewer buckles equates to less risk of injury and time savings of up to ten minutes per drop.

“Less buckles results in less time spent opening and closing curtains,” said Colosimo.

“Operators can save up to ten minutes per drop, which is a significant productivity gain without the need for an additional investment into automation.

“Decreasing the number of buckles to just six on a traditional T-Liner means the risk of repetitive strain injuries is greatly reduced, improving work health and safety.”

The T-Liner MARK II uses Freighter’s philosophy of creating affordable and efficient trailers, and comes on the back of new gate systems designed to be more efficient and safer for operators.

“Previously it hasn’t been possible to reduce the number of buckles on a curtain without loss of vertical tension, which is vital to ensuring the curtains stay safely closed and don’t flap in the breeze when in transit,” Colosimo added.

“The use of Freighter’s proven ‘curtain arc technology’ spreads the vertical tension out evenly over the width of the curtain, making what was previously impossible, possible.”

Freighter’s ‘curtain arc technology’ uses a high strength nylon rope running through a series of arcs at the bottom of the curtain to create vertical tension quickly, simply and reliably. A new high force buckle has also been developed for the T-Liner MARK II, which Freighter is looking to roll out as standard across the range by the end of the year.