Freightliner is offering a solar power system as an option of its Cascadia raised roof sleeper models, with some US truck fleets already reaping the benefits.

Using the eNow eCharge solar system, which can now be installed pre-delivery, the early adopters are reporting increases to daily run time on auxiliary equipment, increased battery life, a reduction in fuel consumption by three-gallons (11.3 litres) and reductions in maintenance costs.

According to president and CEO of eNow, Jeff Flath, the system is continuing to prove itself for operators.

“The eNow system has continually proven its value in reducing costs, while also demonstrating its durability over diverse road conditions and in a variety of climates,” he said.

“Drivers and fleet owners who order the eNow system preinstalled will begin realising the benefits from solar the minute they take delivery.”

The system uses 0.125-inch (31mm) thick panels that follow the contours of the roof and supplies ongoing power to the batteries.

eNow is an American based company specialising in solar solutions for the transport industry.