Hino Corporate Portraits. December 2020. Photo by James Gourley/The Photo Pitch

The question on everyone’s lips since  the announcement that Bill Gillespie was leaving Hino after more than seven years and stepping away from his vice presidents role at the Japanese truck maker was, ‘where is he going to?’.

Well today it was revealed that Gillespie has joined electric vehicle start-up, SEA Electric and has been appointed to the position of President for Asia Pacific

Gillespie is one of the most experienced automotive industry executives in Australia having worked for Toyota, Kia and Nissan then more recently for  Hino Australia, where he has been in charge of a rise in both volume and market share during his tenure.

Tony Fairweather, SEA Electric’s founder and president said that it was with great pleasure that the company welcome Bill to the SEA Electric family.

“This is an exciting time for SEA Electric, especially in the Asia Pacific region, with Bill set to anchor the market development team, enabling the region to achieve its substantial growth forecast, “ said Fairweather.

“Glen Walker’s position will be renamed Vice President – Asia Pacific, and he will continue his incredible work in providing high quality and efficiently produced electric vehicle products to the Asia Pacific region.”

SEA Electric is set to launch its Australian produced range of 100 per cent electric-powered trucks at next week’s Brisbane Truck Show.

“I’m incredibly optimistic about joining the SEA Electric business at a time when the market demand for zero-emission logistics and vehicles is growing, and to have a role in an Australian company with a global footprint like SEA Electric is a once in a career opportunity,” said Bill Gillespie.

Further information on the full range of SEA Electric trucks, the Australian dealer network and the SEA Electric SEA-Drive Power-System, is available at

SEA Electric was founded in 2013 and launched its commercial operations in early 2017, which  the company says  was triggered by the reduction in battery kWh pricing, which  ‘allowed for commercial feasibility in offering electric drivetrains to the global market’.