Not content with winning the International Truck of the Year award at the last IAA Truck Show at Hannover in 2018, Ford will be back at. the upcoming Hannover show presenting  the latest updates to it’s award winning F-Max truck range, but also showcasing zero emission versions of the truck that shocked the European truck industry when it debuted four years ago.

Ford says it is set to again provide some surprise  on its way to zero emission, technologies and innovations that the company says will “advance towards its global competition as a distinctive player in production, design, and product development”.

Ford’s only heavy commercial vehicle models globally the F-Max range has slow started to infiltrate the European market from its base at Ford Turkey, and a recent trip to Germany revealed  quite a number on autobahns, as well as spotting a number in Finland as well.

The company says it will showcase the  F-MAX as well as presenting its CO2-neutral transport solutions roadmap, as well as revealing new specifications and features, including connected mobility technologies offering more convenience and greater efficiency for its customers.

“As an innovative brand which has the purpose of  a brand that helps and stands alongside and cares about  its customers and helps makes their businesses thrive, we focus on the future and prioritise R&D efforts on bringing next generation technologies to the market,” said Ford Trucks vice president, Serhan Turfan.

“The transition of heavy commercial vehicles to zero emissions is critical for a sustainable future and as s result our objective is mainly to contribute to reducing operating costs and CO2 emissions in road transport while increasing fleet productivity,”  Turfan added.

“We look forward to presenting our innovations in line with our zero emission mission and new connectivity technologies that will thrive our customers’ businesses,” he said.

“Ford Trucks  is building on more than a half-century of experience and dynamic product development in the field of heavy trucks, and will take the point it has reached in new generation technologies to the next level at the IAA with new product variants, plus updated services and technologies and its current product range, launched in more than 40 countries,” he added.

The unveiling of the Ford F-Max at the IAA in 2018, surprised many in the truck business in, many of whom believed the Blue Oval had left the  heavy truck business many years before, particularly, since it sold its famous ‘Lousiville line’ of heavy trucks to Daimler back in 1996 for around $US200 million, with Daimler changing the name to Sterling and then killing it off altogether in 2008.

The 2022 IAA Transportation Show, the world’s leading trade fair for mobility, transport, and logistics, is set to take place from  20 to 25 September in Hannover.