There’s an election coming in the Nation’s Capital in October and the Greens party is promising a big upgrade in public transport services for the ACT.

And that big upgrade would include the purchase of and utilization of 100 new electric buses.

Dubbed “The Greens Big Bus Plan” some of the other promises being made to voters include:

  • Increased frequency of all weekday suburban buses to at least every 20 minutes during the day
  • More than double weekend bus frequency to every 30 minutes
  • Build more bus lanes
  • Make bus stops better with more shelters, seats, lights, paths, and bike racks
  • Make public transport free for kids, seniors, and concession card holders

Jo Clay, the ACT Greens Transport Spokesperson and a Candidate for Ginninderra tells us the new fleet of electric buses would not just cut emissions but increase the size of the ACT bus fleet.

“Transport is the ACT’s biggest polluter, so it’s critical we make our public transport system one that works for as many Canberrans as possible – to ease both the climate crisis and the cost of living.

“With extra buses, extra drivers, extra depots, and dedicated bus lanes for our busiest corridors, we can create a public transport system that genuinely serves our whole city.”

As of October 2023, the ACT had 16 electric buses at work on the territory bus network. The ACT Government promised that number would increase to 90.