Leading tipper trailer maker, Hamelex White is celebrating its 25th birthday  marking a quarter century of producing its range of truck body and dog tippers, semi tippers and moving floor models, along with its extensive experience in Performance-based Standard (PBS) applications.

Now a  part of MaxiTRANS, Hamelex White was started by two ambitious entrepreneurs in 1995,  when Martin Hamel and Garry White set their sights on becoming premier tipper trailers manufacturerS.

According to the company, their goal was to manufacture reliable and innovative designs which took return on investment for the customer to the next level.

Today, Hamelex White is a leader in tipper manufacturing with a nationwide sales and service network and hundreds of customers that rely on its products to perform day in and day out.

Hamelex White opened its doors in Hallam, in Melbourne’s southeast on April 3, 1995 and became a part of MaxiTRANS in 2004, before moving trailer production to that company’s larger, purpose-built facility in Ballarat in 2011, where it designs and manufacturers a number of MaxiTRANS other trailer brands.

“We attribute the success of Hamelex White over the past 25 years to the simple principles of combining innovation with payload, capacity and durability, while offering unmatched parts and service support around the country, no matter where the trailer finds itself,” said MaxiTRANS managing director and CEO Dean Jenkins.

Arguably, Hamelex White’s biggest impact on the commercial road industry to date has been its involvement with Performance-Based Standards (PBS) – the design standards that allow truck and trailer combinations to safely carry larger-than-normal payloads and improve road transport efficiency.

Hamelex White claims to have led the way in the take-up of the concept, becoming the first trailer manufacturer to make the effort to engineer blueprint designs to operate under the PBS scheme and says it can offer customers a range of pre-approved PBS designs from a tri-axle to six-axle truck and dog tipper combinations.

“While having existing PBS designs has its advantages in the way that we could go straight into production, saving time with no engineering or pre-approval period needed,” said Dean Jenkins.

“We have an in-house team of engineers dedicated specifically to PBS. It is this investment and expertise that delivers great benefits to our customers, allowing MaxiTRANS to design a combination that will give them greater payload and greater freight efficiencies for their business,” he said.

The Hamelex White range is available through the national MaxiTRANS dealer network with the backing of national parts and service aftermarket support.

“Knowing that customers have local support available to them, no matter where they are around Australia, means we can address the customers’ needs right away, allowing them to get on with what they do best – delivering the needs of our nation,” he added.

“We value our customers’ support too and they are the number one reason why we can proudly reflect on all the accomplishments Hamelex White has made over the past 25 years and we look forward with great excitement at what the future looks like for Hamelex White,” he concluded.