Hino Flags 300 Series and Hybrid recall

Hino has announced recalls on both its 300 series Hybrid and normal diesel powered 300 Series with fuel filter and clutch problems triggering the recall notices.

The recalls are listed on the ACCC website with a signalling two issues pertaining to the automatic cutch unit in the 300 Series Hybrid models A/MT which may immobilise the truck.

The ACCC notices says the water sealing grommets may be deformed and cause water to enter the actuating motors due to incorrect layout of the wires.

This may hinder the smooth movement of the brushings causing the warning light to come on and in the worst-case scenario, the brushings may become stuck and the clutch may become inoperable.

Another issue may cause the actuator brushings to wear prematurely if the vehicle is started and stopped frequently due to inadequate programming of the control software, the ACCC notice said.

The notice went on to say that this may cause the warning light to come on and if continued to be used without reprogramming the clutch may become inoperable.

According to Hino says trucks within the following VIN ranges can be returned for rectification.

  • XKU645R-HKUMSQ3       K001001 to K001089
  • XKU655R-HKUMSQ3       K001001 to K001015
  • XKU710R-HKUQSQ3       K001008 to K001258
  • XKU710R-HKUTSQ3       K001001 to K001262
  • XKU720R-HKUQSQ3       K001006 to K001093
  • XKU720R-HKUTSQ3       K001006 to K001095

In a separate ACCC notice Hino has also flagged issues that will also affect non-hybrid 300 Series with potential fuel filter element durability problems.

The notice says that in the subject vehicles the fuel filter element installed on the engine may crack if the engine is started and stopped frequently as durability of the fuel filter element is not enough to endure changes in the fuel pressure.

If continued to be used, the crack may propagate, causing the element to break, ultimately resulting in fuel leakage.

As with the hybrid range, Hino has advised those impacted by the recall to return their vehicle to an authorised Hino dealer for repair.

You can read the full ACCC notice here