Hino  has continued its sneak preview campaign  ahead of the launch of its new heavy hitter 700 series range at the end of May.

This week Hino has revealed  the new 700 Series will be its cleanest heavy-duty truck  and will boast Euro 6 compliance and improved fuel efficiency.

The new 700 will not offer a manual version with the only transmission choices being AMT or Automatic making it an exclusively two pedal truck

“Like the 500 Series Standard Cab, the all-new Hino 700 Series will exceed the current Australian exhaust emission standards,” said Hino’s manager of product strategy, Daniel Petrovski, .

“The new models will meet Euro 6 exhaust emission standards before they are legislated in Australia,” Petrovski said.

“The all-new 700 Series will break new ground for Hino in terms of safety and environmental commitment, which are key features in today’s competitive marketplace,” he continued.

Hino says that  the switch to exclusively two pedal configuration is a nod to customer preference, confirming the expanded  700 series  will only be sold as a self shifter.

“The new 700 Series will offer customers the convenience of either a true automatic or an automated manual transmission, which are matched to their respective engine power ratings,” said Petrovski. “Over the last 15 years, there has been a distinct shift away from manual transmissions towards two-pedal options.”Hino is the only Japanese manufacturer to offer a true automatic transmission across its light, medium and heavy-duty model ranges.