Transit Systems  has been recognised with a spot on the Australian Finance Review Sustainability Leaders List for 2023, thanks to its Leichhardt Bus Depot in Sydney, which is now Australia’s largest electrified bus depot.

While the project was delivered by Transit Systems the Leichhardt depot secured the spot on the AFR Sustainability list for its parent company, Kelsian Group.

Transit Systems CEO Michael McGee said they have set a new standard for electrified public transport in Australia, with the next-generation project demonstrating seamless integration between electric vehicles, chargers, solar generation and battery energy storage with the electricity grid.

“This is an innovative eco-system designed to kickstart the electrification of the public transport fleet, without having a negative impact on the electricity grid network,” he said.

The depot features a 1.3MW/2.6MWh Tesla battery bank and 388kWhp of solar that supports charging buses and assists with grid management during peak demand load times.

“We are incredibly proud to bring the technology and infrastructure into the country and confidently demonstrate what is possible in the zero emission landscape for mass scale public transport solutions,” he said.

McGee said Transit Systems has produced what is now a verified blueprint that showcases how large-scale bus fleets are capable of traveling and completing a full day’s service without impacting the grid.

“We have integrated the latest smart charging software, which assists with managing the e-fleet and all depot electrical assets.

“It allows us to see, in real time, vehicle GPS location and state of charge, whilst in the depot communicating charging status, facilitating prioritised charging zones to align with depot despatching, with a dashboard of live solar energy generation, battery state of charge and impact on the grid,” he said.

McGee said the systems deployed ensure ongoing energy efficiency and showcase the pathway to reduce emissions in the passenger transport sector.

“We also embrace the benefits of regenerative breaking and deploy route services that leverage the data and capabilities – it’s a completely energy optimised network,” he said.

“We are focussed on integrating accessible, convenient and environmentally sustainable transport networks that aid to intelligently ease road congestion and help to increase a city’s sustainability and liveability.

“Zero emission innovation is vital for our government partners, and we’re committed to ongoing research and development to make sure the systems we are deploying give our partners best in class technology solutions,” he said.

“At Leichhardt, we proudly partnered with TfNSW, and industry specialists Zenobē