tata motors electric bus

There’s no doubt India moves on trains, cars and, if you’ve ever been there you’d know, on the back of bicycles and motorcycles.

But don’t discount the huge passenger load carried on the nation’s bus network.

Now, India is set to have a fleet of electric-powered buses that might just rival any other nation on Earth, even China.

It’s been announced this week that Indian manufacturer, Tata Motors, has won a contract to supply an electric bus fleet of 5,450 vehicles.

The manufacturer, best known perhaps in Australia for the very low selling Tata Xenon ute, beat out rivals such as Switch Mobility (the electric vehicle arm of Ashok Leyland), and a joint venture involving the Volvo Group.

It appears Tata offered a sticker price well below its rivals and has promised on-par running costs with the diesel-powered buses that will be replaced.

“We are delighted to learn that we are the lowest bidder for the prestigious tender. Tata Motors is committed to providing green, safe and sustainable transport solutions across the country.” – Tata Motors spokesperson

The more than 5,400 bus contract includes orders for both 12-metre low-floor and standard-floor buses (similar to what is pictured above).

The India-built electric buses are expected to operate around 4.71 billion kilometres over twelve years saving 1.88 billion litres of fossil fuel. 

Carbon dioxide emissions will be cut by a not-insignificant 3.31 million tonnes.