Transport operator  Transit Systems  has scooped up another major Transport for NSW Sydney bus contract, seeing it retain the contract to operate buses in the Sydney Region 3 area.

Transit said the key to it winning and retaining its many Sydney bus contracts has been the improvement it has made in operational performance and customer satisfaction levels.

Transit Systems has partnered with  Transport for NSW for nearly a decade, and the latest wins  will see it retain the Region 3  he Region 3 bus services contract it has operated since 2013, as well as winning the Region 13 bus services for routes in Sydney’s South-West including the Lidcombe, Granville, Bankstown and Liverpool areas which will commence from mid-2023.

Transit System’s CEO Michael McGee claims that over the past decade it  has helped deliver ‘transformational change in NSW public transport’.

“The last 10 years in New South Wales public transport has seen some of the greatest shifts in customer behaviour. For example, we have witnessed the impacts on COVID and the change to travel demands in our cities’ CBDs,” McGee claimed.

“We have seen the launch of electric buses and the positive impacts on the customer experience and the local environment. We have also witnessed the introduction of NSW’s smart ticketing system and On Demand services – digitization of payment platforms, removing cash from services and offering our customers more convenient ways to book, travel and pay for their journeys,” he said.

“We have leveraged our global experience alongside our local capabilities to deliver meaningful improvements to customers and we’re committed to continuing to work with Transport for NSW to deliver considerable change and improvements to public transport systems to enhance outcomes for all stakeholders,” he added.

Having been re-awarded the Region 3 bus services, Transit Systems  says it will continue to improve the performance of a service that has already transformed from an under-performing region in 2013 into one of Sydney’s consistently best-performing on-time running region.

“Since transitioning Region 3 in October 2013, we have achieved exceptional on-time running and patronage growth,” he said.