Australia’s largest order of electric buses on track can proudly claim to be driving real change in the way sustainable public transport is delivered, and it has.

Transit can be well justified in its claims given it is  in a partnership in hydrogen bus consortium, has been trialling electric buses in New South Wales and has recently rolled out new Scania Hybrid buses for its South Australian subsidiary, Torrens Transit fo use on Adelaide’s famed O-Bahn.

As we reported  a week or so back, the two new Scania hybrid buses will be employed in the  Adelaide Metro, running on the O-Bahn busway.

“This will give customers a greener, cleaner commute,” said  Clint Feureherdt, CEO of SeaLink Travel Group.

The buses which are now in service will join Transit Systems suite of sustainable vehicles as many Governments make the move to more sustainable operations.

“We are leading the charge with sustainable transport solutions, and we’re proud to be the first operator in South Australia to bring these hybrid buses into service for Adelaide Metro,” said Feureherdt.

“They proudly join our global fleet of innovative vehicles, where we have extensive experience and knowledge across electric, hydrogen and now hybrid capabilities,” he added.

The announcement comes after Transit Systems confirmed that it had placed Australia’s largest order of electric buses as part of the NSW Government’s commitment to transition its diesel bus fleet to Zero Emission technology, with 31 buses set to arrive at their Sydney depots.

The order followed the ongoing and successful electric bus trial with Transport for NSW (TfNSW), which has seen the fleet of four zero emission electric buses rack up more than 300,000 kilometres over 18 months.

“We are passionate about researching, developing and delivering more sustainable transport options and we are excited to work with partners who share our vision to create zero emission networks,” he said.