Wabco will continue to supply Daimler with heavy-duty automated manual transmissions with the two parties extending their agreement.

Wabco is supplying the truck brand with its newest generation of tailored AMT solutions. It enables drivers to focus further attention on road and traffic conditions, resulting in increased comfort and safety. It also helps to minimize any performance gap between highly skilled and less experienced drivers.

The company claims its newest AMT solution increases fuel savings through optimized gear shifting and differentiates by helping vehicle operators to significantly reduce mechanical wear, lower maintenance costs and decrease vehicle downtime.

“Our industry continues to adopt automated manual transmission technology with great growth potential in the United States and all BRIC countries – Brazil, Russia, India and China – as original equipment manufacturers and fleet operators seek to increase driver comfort and safety, improve fuel economy and reduce emissions,” said Wabco president of truck, bus and car OEM, Jorge Solis.

“Our new contract with Daimler Trucks extends our existing AMT supply agreement, while also expanding volume.”