Most truck drivers will tell you that one of the biggest issues on the road each day are car drivers and this has been born out by the latest truck crash statistics from major commercial vehicle insurer, National Truck Insurance (NTI), which reveal that 93 per cent  of multi-vehicle fatalities involving a heavy vehicle in Australia are caused by cars.

The nation’s trucking industry leaders have united to urge all road users to put themselves in the driver’s seat as record numbers of motorists prepare to hit the road this Christmas.

NTI’s CEO,Tony Clark says the NTI data shows truck drivers are more often not at fault in high-profile accidents .

“We know there is often a negative public perception when it comes to truck safety and accidents however this data tells a different story. It’s important to remember trucks are the lifeblood of Australia,”Mr Clark said.

“As Australia’s number one truck insurer, NTI processes more than 13,000 claims from truck drivers each year and we have the nation’s most comprehensive data. Leading into Christmas we face a 14 per cent spike in claims.”

“Most truck drivers are professional and many also have families waiting for them at home. The

best gift from motorists this Christmas is to help everyone stay safe.”

The safety plea comes as new laws are introduced governing Australia’s trucking industry.

NHVR Acting Chief Executive Officer Ray Hassall says the recent Chain of Responsibility (CoR) changes make everyone involved with the trucking industry more accountable for safety.

“Any time a person or business sends or receives goods using a heavy vehicle they have a shared responsibility to ensure safety,” Mr Hassall said.

“If you’re a motorist, be aware that heavy vehicles require more distance to slowdown, need more space when turning and need access to rest bays and truck stops.”

The NHVR and NTI today kicked off a Christmas social media campaign with tips for drivers to ensure they operate safely around heavy vehicles.

NTI has also introduced an initiative to help industry operators adapt to the legislation reforms.

The industry benchmarking survey and resources which makeup NTI’s health check tool are available at