Truck maker Isuzu is again celebrating its own internal Truck of the Year contest which this year will celebrate 25 years in existence.

The contest was first started in 1996 by Isuzu  and the company says it  not only showcases Isuzu trucks that owners and operators take great pride in, but also the diverse range of applications and industries these trucks operate in.

Isuzu national sales manager, Les Spaltman, said that the truck competition is one way to recognise loyal customers, and celebrate their Isuzu trucks.

Mr Spaltman said,  that customers are at the core of Isuzu Trucks’ success and its product development.

“We couldn’t have achieved what we have without the backing of the Australian truck buyer.

“Competitions such as Truck of the Year are a way for us to show our appreciation of our customers’ continued support of the brand.

“It’s also a nice platform that brings together a community of like-minded truck owners who take pride in their trucks, which for many, are at the core of their businesses.”

A winner is chosen each month from a pool of submitted entries, and the year’s monthly winners go into the yearly draw for the Grand Prize of $6,000 (Visa cash card). And in 2019 the competition was amped up further, with the introduction of the Series Prizes for the N Series, F Series, FX/FY Series and Giga truck models; each Series prize is to the tune of $1,000 in a Visa cash card.

The 2019 Truck of the Year Grand Prize went to Powered Innovations which was the monthly winner for October 2019. Powered Innovations also win the series prize for N Series  while Vac Truck Rentals won the F Series prize, Target Transport the FX/FY prize and  Alpha Haulage took the Giga Series prize.

The 2019 Truck of the Year competition saw a phenomenal number of entrants, and 2020 promises to be equally exciting.

Powered Innovations’ NPR 65- 190 works as their mobile repair platform to carry their vast array of electrical and mechanical equipment. According to Powered’s Martin Cordina, their Isuzu truck has high carrying and towing capacity, is easily manoeuvrable, providing easier access to more streets and worksites… and yet is fuel efficient. Martin also absolutely loves the excellent visibility through the front windscreen, as well as the spacious cab.