Isuzu Australia has welcomed new that the binding agreements to form the strategic alliance between Isuzu Motors and the Volvo Group, which it says is set to build a long-term and industrious relationship.

Isuzu Australia says that  the agreement  will meld the strengths of both global commercial vehicle companies and  is designed to respond to industry changes and capitalise on the abundant opportunity available to the broader global road transport sector.

“The formalisation of the alliance between Isuzu Motors and Volvo Group, first announced late last year, marks a significant day for the global Isuzu family and firmly underpins the current and future strength of the organisation,” said IAL director and COO, Andrew Harbison.

The agreement formalises the transfer of complete ownership of UD Trucks from the Volvo Group to Isuzu Motors, and encompasses a range of cooperative activity including a technology partnership covering joint development of common platforms within the Isuzu and UD product line-ups and utilising Volvo Group technology.

“The transfer of ownership of UD Truck from Volvo to Isuzu is an important aspect of this announcement and has been described as building a bridge in the business between Isuzu and Volvo – another substantial transformation within the broader transport industry warmly welcome here in Australia,” Harbison said.

“The focus on complementary capabilities and the leveraging of volume opportunities here will be a real win for road transport equipment operators around the world.

“Further enhancing this is the intended cooperation between Isuzu and Volvo regarding the development of new technologies such as autonomous driving, connectivity and medium- and heavy-duty electric vehicles.

“Whilst the news doesn’t impact the domestic Australian market immediately, we’re excited to see where this strategic partnership will lead for our customers, with both global groups clear leaders in their fields of expertise.

“In the meantime, our local operators can look forward to continued and uninterrupted service, advice and support from IAL and our dealer network,” Mr Harbison concluded.