There could be few drier places than Mount Isa in August but that didn’t stop  famous Australian oilskin wet weather and clothing maker Drizabone linking up with Mack Trucks and ‘Rubba League’ legend Johnathan Thurston for a big promotion at the famous Mount Isa Rodeo.

The trio joined forces for a one-off road trip from Queensland’s south-east to the Mt Isa Rodeo event, the only disappointment was for T&B News which was scheduled to  be a part of the road trip had it not been for Covid lockdowns.

Johnathan Thurston, the Cowboys and Maroons legend, is a Drizabone ‘ambassador’ and arrived at Mt Isa’s renowned rodeo in a blacked-out 685hp Mack Super-Liner, much to the delight of the crowds.

While most Queenslanders believe Thurston could walk on water, the Mt Isa Rodeo saw him kicking up the dust  both in the Mack and when he strolled across the famous Rodeo ring, looking more like Johnny Cash than a champion League player.

Thurston was centre stage for the main event on Saturday and said he was chuffed with the opportunity to be in Mt Isa for the rodeo.

“I’ve had an amazing few days with my first Mt Isa rodeo experience and equally loved meeting so many locals, thanks to Drizabone and Mack Trucks,” said Thurston.

“I can’t think of anything more Australian then arriving at the outback rodeo, in a Mack SuperLiner, head-to-toe in my Drizabone kit. It’s been a really cool experience.

“It’s an honour to work with two legendary Australian brands that have such a strong presence in Queensland communities through their products and manufacturing plants.”

Drizabone’s creative director, Justin O’Shea said the story behind Drizabone and Mack Trucks coming together just ‘made sense’ with two hard-working Australian brands, both customised for the challenging Australian conditions.

Only one thing, Mack is really an American brand, owned by a Swedish multi national, but lets not let that get in the way of a good story.

“While our brands are vastly different, they are rich in Australian history and our respective products are built for surviving everything Australia’s big backyard can throw at you be it the outback, hinterland or bush,” said O’Shea.

“When the opportunity presented to work together at one of Queensland’s biggest culture and community events in the Mt Isa Rodeo, we jumped at the chance to connect with locals and give something back.

“Jonathan embodies what our two brands represent so it has worked out perfectly that he could be in Mt Isa.”

Mack Trucks Australia’s vice president, Tom Chapman who joined Thurston at the event, said he was proud to have teamed up with another iconic Australian brand and come back to their proving grounds in the outback.

“Mack Trucks are proudly built in Australia and are engineered and designed to meet the harsh Australian conditions,” said Chapman.

“Drizabone share this mission and we have come together to Mt Isa this weekend for exactly that – to connect and give back to our customers.

“What a sight it was with Johnathan rolling into one of the most iconic outback events in a Mack Black Super-Liner, wearing his Drizabone gear and adding another layer of enjoyment to the day.”

The dual branded Mack Super-Liner truck travelled northwest from Brisbane as part of the brands’ collaboration, passing through rural communities, with a final stop at Mt Isa to join the action at the renowned rodeo event.

Rodeo guests had the opportunity to meet Thurston, win Drizabone and Mack Trucks prizes and see the blacked-out Mack Super-Liner truck used on the road trip, with its new stand-up sleeper cab and redesigned interior, at the event.