Isuzu Australia  and its service partner National Transport Insurance (NTI), have announced they are pioneering the latest industry-leading technology to enhance its 24-hour roadside assistance program, Isuzu Assist.

Isuzu is integrating NTI Truck Assist’s Service Provider App into the Isuzu Assist program to provide its owners with a higher level of roadside assistance .

The App is a management tool that will provide Isuzu Assist customers with real-time updates of their service technician’s location.

Once a request for service is received, Isuzu Assist service providers will use the App to SMS a link to the customer. Customers can then follow this link to access a webpage showing their respondent’s real-time location, giving them an accurate estimated time of arrival.

Integrating this modern, GPS technology into roadside assistance services will reduce the uncertainty of waiting for a mechanic after a breakdown.

In addition to tracking a technician’s progress, the innovative Truck Assist App allocates breakdown cases to service providers in a more efficient manner by finding the nearest available respondent, leading to shorter wait times for users.

Location monitoring also assists with the safety of service providers who are responding to breakdowns on roadside areas.

By adopting this technology, Isuzu is focused on enhancing the roadside assistance experience for its customers.

With more than 3,000 trained and experienced specialists available through NTI’s Truck Assist program, Isuzu Assist says it offers industry-leading support and expertise to its customers.

From flat batteries to towing, the Truck Assist Service Provider App brings a helping hand when it’s needed most.

This technology empowers customers through an informative, real-time display, and also allows the user to give instant feedback following the job’s completion.

The Truck Assist Service Provider App is the latest development in the productive relationship between Australia’s market-leading truck brand, Isuzu Trucks, and the leading provider of truck and transport insurance, NTI.

By combining their decades of experience in the Australian trucking industry, Isuzu and NTI are constantly pushing the boundaries of what their customers can expect, by adapting the latest global technology to meet the unique requirements of the Australian transport industry.