European truck and bus maker Iveco  has announced a rebranding and a new image  that comes ahead  of its proposed spin-off from current parent CNH Industrial, which is scheduled for early next year.

From T&B News’ perspective we have long found the capitalisation of the IVECO name in recent years, a pretentious and unnecessary affectation that delivered little in purpose or meaning. Thankfully the branding gurus within the corporation have decided that it’s time to drop the capitalisation and to rebrand the whole operation as Iveco Group, with a new logo and with eight different brands sitting under the ownership and control of the new entity.

The statement announcing the changes says that the new logo ‘positions Iveco Group as the holding company, employing an understated design and restrained colour selection to portray a humble yet hard-working ethos, while the blue dot between ‘Iveco’ and ‘Group’ signals a bright future, focus on sustainability and balance’.

If you cut through that corporate gobblededook, the basics are that Iveco Group will be the new face for the Italian based global commercial vehicle operation, with the Iveco, FPT, Iveco Bus Iveco Defence Vehicles, Astra, Magirus, Iveco Capital and Heuliez brands all sitting below it with bolder colours giving each individual identities in what the company says is a ‘trickledown’ .

The company says that the Iveco and FPT brands will be at the core of the Group’s companies as ‘beacon brands that lead the way with their vast range of products and technologies’.

It went on to say that they will be ‘flanked by two Iveco bus brands, Iveco’s defence vehicle arm, specialist construction and firefighting divisions, and the Group’s finance arm’.

The CEO  of the newly named Iveco Group, Gerrit Marx, has said that the brands showcase the Iveco Group’s immense capabilities as a commercial vehicle manufacturer and developer of premium powertrain technologies for agricultural, construction, marine, power generation and commercial vehicle applications.

“Together, with their individual strengths and capabilities, I am confident that our brands will all work together to grow our business and reach our high ambitions,” Gerrit Marx said.

“This Group name, logo and colour scheme will naturally replace the CNH Industrial name, logo, and colours in our perimeter and we will issue more detailed instructions and a timeline on how this is going to be carried out in the next months and throughout 2022. Contextually, I also want to reassure all of our customers, dealers, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders that there will be no business interruption throughout the spin-off process…”

President of the truck business unit Iveco, Luca Sra, said the new company name and logo was an important step towards a future as a major ‘On-Highway’ player.

“The choice of name and the design of the corporate logo make a strong statement about the rich and diverse heritage of its brands and the determination to take on the challenges of the future as a united team, with the strong backing provided by the Group,” Luca Sra said.

“As the completion of the spin-off approaches, we are proceeding with all the preparations to ensure there will be no disruption throughout the process and the transition as seamless as possible,” he added.

“We have high ambitions for the Iveco brand and business. Our industry is at a turning point, pursuing with increasing urgency solutions to address the climate change and air quality pressing issues. Iveco is at the forefront of these efforts; we have the know-how and technologies to lead the way in decarbonising the sector.”