The vaccination rollout and the entire Covid crisis  has  brought forward a myriad of stories about various efforts  to help us all overcome the burden and misery of  the wretched virus.

One such story  has arisen this week with a bus being one of the heroes of the vaccine rollout in Victoria’s Goulburn Valley.

Introducing Jabba the Bus!

In an Australian first, Goulburn Valley Health has announce the launch of a dedicated COVID-19 vaccination bus and the hero is a Scania .
Commencing early this month (September), Jabba the Bus will be travelling around areas of Greater Shepparton,  as well as the Shires of Moira, Benalla, Strathbogie, Mitchell, Mansfield, Murrindindi and  the romantically named Campaspe Shire to deliver Pfizer and AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccinations top local residents.

The vaccination bus aims to remove barriers to accessing COVID-19 vaccinations, such as geographical distance and access to transport, so that all members of our community are able to get vaccinated.

The bus is owned by the Dyson Group in Shepparton  and has been assigned exclusively to the  task of getting as many people on the regions vaccinated as quickly as possible and Goulburn Valley Health worked collaboratively with Dyson Group Shepparton to make the vaccination bus concept come to fruition.

“We offer special thanks to  the Dyson Group in Shepparton as well as the Victorian Department of Health for helping it to make our vaccination bus concept a reality,” said Goulburn Valley Health.

“We can’t wait to see you all on the road!” the Health service added.