fuso ecanter linfox coles

Your next Coles grocery run could feature items that landed in your trolley via a fully-electric truck.

Transport and logistics giants, Linfox, and leading supermarket chain, Coles, have taken a step in their fully-electric truck delivery partnership.

That step was the launch this week of a fully-electric truck that will now go about its business in a clean and quiet manner in Sydney.

The Fuso eCanter is working on a trial basis out of the Eastern Creek Distribution Centre in Western Sydney.

It’s the sixth electric vehicle now being utilized by Linfox.

It won’t be making home deliveries, instead, it will work to keep the city’s Coles supermarkets stocked and ready for customers. 

And if the truck performs as expected, there could be many more on the way.

“As a leading logistics provider that has traditionally relied on fossil fuels to transport goods, Linfox has made a commitment to find alternative sources of energy to power our customers’ supply chains.” – Executive Chairman Linfox Pty Ltd, Peter Fox.

While plying its trade, the Fuso is expected to help cut about 60 tonnes worth of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions each year.

And the truck is also powered by 100 percent renewable electricity.

Daimler Truck and Bus Australia Pacific President and CEO, Daniel Whitehead, welcomed the addition of the Fuso eCanter to the Linfox Coles fleet.

“Linfox and Coles have long relied on the regular Fuso Canter to deliver for Australians, and we know they will love the pioneering electric eCanter technology,”

“We are excited that these two iconic Australian companies have chosen the Fuso eCanter to help them move towards a zero-emissions future.”