Mack Trucks Australia is undertaking a precautionary recall of 295 trucks to address a potential incorrectly specified driveshaft.

The recall affects Granite, Trident, Super-Liners and Titans built between January 2012 and September 2016 for models fitted with the driveshaft in question.

Mack recalled the trucks after receiving reports of issues from customers and an internal investigation identified this particular driveshaft could prematurely fail at the centre bearing and disable the truck.

According to a statement issued by Mack Trucks Australia, the recall has been issued as a safeguard.

“Mack Trucks Australia is fully committed to safety and continual product enhancements, and is recalling these trucks as a precautionary measure, as in the unlikely event of a driveshaft failure, pieces may fall onto the road,” is said.

Affected customers will be contacted by Mack Trucks Australia in writing in accordance with the brand’s legal obligations.

Replacement parts are being dispatched to local dealerships and customers are encouraged to contact their local dealer to have their truck inspected.