In this issue we again have a bunch of stories on  the transition to zero emission, including an in depth interview with  the CEO of the Electric Vehicle Council of Australia, Behyad Joffari.

Behyad has become a prominent voice on zero emission as the head and spokesperson of an industry body that embraces a large cross section  of stake holders, from vehicle makers, to end users, to energy suppliers and electric drive system companies. He is a voice of reason and rational thought and really knows his stuff.

Along with that we also take a look at a couple of really interesting zero emission buses, including the very exciting Arrival bus and a new British double decker e bus that is about to hit the roads in London. Arrival is fascinating because it has a very different production model, embracing what it calls micro-factories, utilising such things as 3D printing of components and advanced robotic construction, not to mention a really advanced and futuristic bus design.

We also have a full rundown on the recently launched Scania New Bus Generation  and we also have a road test of BLK’s President Double Decker and we take a look at the way Beijing managed its fleet of zero emission buses at the recent Winter Olympics.

All that and a whole lot more in this issue of Coach & Bus, so enjoy  the read