The Transport Workers Union (TWU) has welcomed the election results with the ALP taking Government.

The change in Government will see, so long as the Albanese Government sticks to its pre-election promise, the establishment of an independent road transport industry body, similar to the previous Road Transport Remuneration Tribunal (RSRT).

The RSRT was established by the Gillard Government back in 2012, before being scrapped by the Liberal/National Government in 2016.

Now, with the ALP back in control, things look to be going back to the future and it looks likely the new government will act on Senate recommendations calling for an independent body to set universal, binding standards for the industry.

TWU National Secretary Michael Kaine says the independent body will help increase safety for truck drivers and other road users.

“An ALP Federal Government is a welcome change after the coalition’s persistent refusal to address deadly pressures in trucking, sending hundreds to their graves every year.

“Industry-wide standards will obliterate the Amazon Effect smashing supply chains at every level.

“Right across the industry, there is a common interest in the security of enforceable standards to protect jobs, businesses and lives against insidious exploitation and unfair competition through gig-style loopholes like Amazon Flex.

“It is crucial that an independent body is established urgently and with the support of industry participation to set enforceable standards in an effective and sustainable way.”

We’ll keep you updated as further info comes to hand.