Some say that Iveco might be in a bit of strife without its popular and strong selling Daily and the company has signalled it is serious about continued growth in the Australian van and light truck market, by introducing 22 new wheelbase and volume combinations for its Daily range.

Joining the Daily van line-up are new 7.3m³, 10.8m³ and 18m³ volume versions of the 35S while the ranks of higher GVM 50C have been bolstered with new 9m³ and 10.8m³ variants, bringing the total van range across both the 35S and 50C to 12.

The most notable additions however have been to Iveco’s cab chassis models across both the single and dual cab range.

The car licence, 4,495kg GVM Daily 45C is now available in a choice of five additional wheelbases: 3,000mm, 3,450mm, 4,100mm, 4,350mm and 4,750mm.

Dual rated (4,495kg and 5,200 kg GVM) 50C models now feature a choice of four new wheelbase options: 3,000mm, 3,450mm, 4,100mm and 4,700mm while 7,000kg GVM 70C variants gain a further two wheelbase options: 3,750mm and 4,100mm for a total of 14 wheelbase options.

There’s also good news for purchasers of the 50C and 70C dual cab models with each variant receiving a further three wheelbase choices. For the 50C dual cab there’s a new 3,450mm, a 4,100mm and 4,350mm bringing the total choice of wheelbases to four. There are also now four wheelbase choices for the 70C dual cab following the addition of 4,100mm, 4,350mm and 4,750mm variants – all up there’s now a choice of eight options here.

Aside from the introduction of the extra variants to provide Australian buyers with more choice for their applications, a number of features which were previously extra cost options are now standard equipment.

All new Dailys receive Iveco’s top-of-the line safety package ‘ESP 9’, which was previously a cost option. ESP 9 includes Stability Control, Roll-Over Mitigation, Trailer Sway Mitigation, Hill Holder, Hydraulic Brake Assist, Hydraulic Rear Wheel Boost, Hydraulic Fading Compensation and Adaptive Load Control.

These features add to the Daily’s other standard active and passive safety equipment such as four-wheel disc brakes with ABS, and four SRS airbags.

In other exciting news for prospective buyers, Iveco’s class-leading 3.0l twin turbo powerplant is now available as a selectable option on all van and cab chassis models. The engine produces an impressive 205hp / 150kW and 347lb ft / 470Nm of torque.

Similarly Iveco’s Rear Air Suspension (ECAS) has also become a selectable option on all models, providing an even more comfortable ride for drivers, increasing cargo safety for fragile loads and allowing the operator to adjust the height of the loading compartment for easier loading and unloading of goods.

Specifically related to van models, the ‘Iveconnect’ multimedia system for the 6.2” touch-screen is now standard fitment. Iveconnect features a reversing camera satellite navigation (with truck software), Bluetooth and DVD player, all of which can be operated via integrated steering wheel controls.

Sliding windows are now available (for most models) on driver and passenger side sliding doors. Bulkhead removal also becomes available as an option allowing customers to more easily install load-rated partitions to comply with Australian Standards, and alloy wheels become on option on 35S Single Wheel models for improved aesthetics and load reduction.

For cab chassis models, there’s the introduction of an optional new expansion module which allows easier management of more intricate bodies and the vehicles’ Power Take Off units if fitted.

Iveco Australia Marketing Manager, Darren Swenson, said the addition of the new Daily variants, improvement of standard equipment across the range and greater selectable options, would be well received by the market.

“The latest additions and refinements made to the van and cab chassis range will further broaden the appeal of the award-winning Daily to a wider range of buyers, particularly tradespeople and PUD operators,” Mr Swenson.

“It’s approximately a year since the current generation Daily range was launched in Australia, and this experience over the last 12 months has provided us with the market intelligence to refine our model mix to better suit the requirements of our customers.

“The result is an even stronger product range with great standard features and the improved ability for prospective buyers to specify a Daily van or cab chassis to very closely fit their business needs.”