Fuso has unveiled its next generation eCanter electric truck announcing a significantly expanded line-up of variants along with the adoption of an axle motor

Fuso has been selling  the eCanter in Japan as well as in Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand progressively over the past five years and the company says it has used the operational feedback to developed the next generation eCanter, saying that the new model addresses more diverse logistics needs, adding that it will now  launch the new truck in more markets around the world.

Locally  Daimler says that the new gen eCanter will have to undergo a full testing and development evaluation program before it is introduced  here in Australia. The company spokesperson said that any launch date depends on this program and it is too early to speculate at this stage.

Fuso says it  has adopted an eAxle in the Next Generation eCanter, integrating the motor with the rear axle which it says allows for a more compact drivetrain structure.

The current eCanter uses an electric motor positioned amidships with a drive shaft back to a convential differential.

It says that with this structural change, a significant expansion of the model line-up was made possible.

The company claims the Next Generation eCanter line-up  will include 28 variants for the Japanese market and approximately 80 variants for overseas markets, enabling it to address a wider range of logistics needs.

In addition to the current 7.5 ton (GVW) model, the new eCanter will come in weight classes ranging from five tonnes to 8eight tonnes for Japanese customers, and from the four ton class for overseas models.

Fuso says the cab variation has also been expanded with a new wide cab (2,130mm) that can accommodate more cargo, as well as the standard 1,700mm cab width, that brings more flexibility to routes covering narrow roads. The variety of wheelbases have also been expanded, from 2,500 mm up to 4,750 mm.

Fuso has also introduced a new modular concept for the batteries with the new gen eCanter able to house from one to three batteries, based on the wheelbase.

The eCanters equipped with a single battery with a rated capacity of 41 kWh will be able to drive approximately 80 km on one charge, while those with two batteries will have a range of  approximately 140 km, and those with three batteries will have around 200 km range.

Fuso says that in addition, Japanese customers have access to a V2X function that enables the eCanter’s batteries to supply power to homes and other equipment in the event of an emergency.

Significantly the new model is also equipped with the “ePTO” power take-off unit which it says enables  special purpose applications for customers wishing to operate their eCanter with a tipper, rear crane, or climate controlled van body, among other various options.

The new eCanter also comes with enhanced EV-specific functions according to Fuso, starting with regenerative braking which can be controlled at four levels, greatly contributing to power savings and enhanced drivability.

As well the new truck comes with battery pre-conditioning, which allows the battery to be preheated through a timer setting during AC charging, as well as the heater cut switch feature to save energy consumption, are newly integrated. An energy-saving heating function, which warms only the most needed areas such as the seats and steering wheel, has also been added.

The company says  the new e truck comes with additional advanced safety functions to support safe driving, including Active Sideguard Assist 1.0, featured for the first time in a FUSO light-duty truck, reducing the risk of accidents on turns by monitoring the blind spot on the side of the truck.

There is also Active Brake Assist 5, Active Attention Assist, supporting the prevention of fatigue induced incidents, Intelligent Headlight Control, Traffic Sign Recognition, Electric Parking Brake that maintains stable braking force on hills and a Back Eye Camera System that assists drivers in avoiding collisions while reversing.

The new Gen eCanter also gets a new interior and exterior  with a new Fuso ‘Black Belt’ motif on the front, along with touches of orange and blue design elements. The new truck also gets LED headlights and daytime running lights, as well as the latest LED rear combination lights.

Fuso says the interior has been upgraded for driving comfort with a new, slightly lower dashboard for more space, more vertical space inside the cab, and a new 10-inch full LCD panel linked to the steering wheel switches.

Fuso says the nrew truck will also come with  its latest telematics solution Truckonnect with a newly added EV-specific features. It says the eRange feature, which displays the remaining mileage, and remaining EV battery capacity, will now also be available to track on the Truckonnect portal.

The company says the new model will also be compatible with the Charging Management System function, which allows operators to set a timer to charge vehicle batteries when electricity costs are lowest.