A recent trial of the Nikola One prototype in Salt Lake City, Utah has been praised for achieving no emissions from the heavy duty electric truck.

According to founder and CEO of Nikola Motor Company Trevor Milton, the Nikola One is a revolutionary model.

“Nikola has engineered the holy grail of the trucking industry. We are not aware of any zero emission truck in the world that can haul 80,000 pounds (36 tonnes) more than 1,000 miles (1,600km) and do it without stopping,” Milton said

“While other companies have recently announced battery-powered semi-trucks, those trucks are restricted to a range of only a couple hundred miles and four to eight hours of charging between stops. The Nikola One requires only 15 minutes of downtime before heading out for the next 1,000 miles.

“We knew our emissions would be low, but to have the ability to achieve true zero emissions is revolutionary for the worldwide trucking industry.”

Nikola has also commenced work on an emission-free power plants that range from 50 kilowatts to 50 megawatts, cutting power generation costs in half.

The electric vehicle business believes this technology not only has the ability to transform roadways, but how the world will migrate towards zero-emission energy going forward.