A major crackdown on non compliant trucks is continuing in NSW with traffic authorities and RMS inspectors recently raiding a variety of premises controlled by major poultry company Baiada following the shocking hit and run accident allegedly involving one of the company’s trucks at Brookvale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches last month.

Police and RMS inspectors mounted a new operation across a range of locations throughout NSW including Steggles operations in Tamworth, Griffith and Newcastle following initial raids at the company’s Girraween headquarters.

The second phase of the operation saw a total of 135 trucks inspected and a number of faults and defects were discovered.

The authorities issued 25 traffic infringement notices, found five non-compliant engine control modules, allowing speeds over the 100km per hour limit, and issued 35 defect notices for lights, tyres and brakes.

NSW Traffic and Highway Commander assistant commissioner John Hartley said the raids were part of the authority’s strategy for better compliance.

“Operators, companies, and distributors should expect us to carry out these operations regularly and the community should expect that unsafe practices will be stopped and offending trucks taken off the roads,” said John Hartley.