Market leader in the diesel-electric light duty segment Hino has its sights set on a decade of clinching the best-seller title as the 300 series enters its 10th year of sales.

Since launching onto the Australian market in 2007, Hino has sold 481 of the hybrid model and according to Hino chairman and CEO Stever Lotter, the success of the model reflects a movement towards economic and environmental trucking.

“Global demand for a low greenhouse gas emission truck gave us the perfect opportunity to provide our proven hybrid solution to Australian businesses,” Lotter said.

“We stepped into a truck market unfamiliar with diesel-electric technology and implemented the world’s best hybrid system thanks to our Toyota Group connection.

“The research and development by Toyota and our global Hino counterparts ensured our product delivered on our promise of quality, durability and reliability.

“For our local customers, recognising that the Hino Hybrid helps save fuel and increase the bottom line has made it the preferred choice for fleets of all sizes,” he added.

The electric motor in the Hino 300 Series is derived from the same Hybrid Synergy Drive system as in Toyota’s Prius, Camry and Corolla Hybrids.

Independent emissions showed a 21 per cent reduction in fuel consumption and emissions for delivery applications in metropolitan regions.