Australia’s largest trucking and logistics insurer, NTI, has pleaded with customers to stay safe as catastrophic bushfires burn across Queensland and New South Wales.

NTI CEO Tony Clark said the insurer had received a number of claims since the bushfires began. Dozens of communities remain under threat and there are predictions the fire danger will continue for the next week.

Mr Clark said thoughts were with those who had suffered loss.

“The effects of these fires have been, and continue to be, devastating,” he said.

“Tragically, we know families have lost loved ones.

“We know small business owners have lost vehicles which they rely on, from heavy vehicles, through to delivery vans and construction machinery.

“Others still are having their livelihoods impacted because their transport routes are affected by fire.”

Mr Clark said anyone impacted by the fires was encouraged to submit a claim as soon as possible.

“Customers or intermediaries needing to make a claim should contact NTI via the NTI Accident Assist service on 1800 NTI NOW,” he said.

“This will allow the claim to be actioned as quickly as possible so we can get you back to business faster.

“Trauma counselling will also be available.”

Mr Clark also urged those in the transport and logistics industries to check their route was safe before departing.

“We know our customers are passionate about keeping Australia moving, but safety must come first,” he said.

“Check the latest warnings and road closure information and plan an alternative route if necessary.”