NHVR releases five year blueprint

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator has released a five-year plan with a focus on creating a safer, more proactive and compliant trucking industry.

According to transport and infrastructure minister Darren Chester, the NVHR’s plan links three strategies to continue industry reform.

“This plan focuses on the three national strategies for safety, compliance and assurance, and productivity to guide Australia’s regulatory heavy vehicle agenda between now and 2020,” Chester said.

“As a regulator, the NHVR will set the standard in relation to heavy vehicle safety, while taking a balanced approach to cutting red tape and improving industry access to services and products.

“Australia’s reliance on a safe and sustainable road freight industry across urban, rural and remote communities will only grow with a large portion of that growth driven by interstate freight movements.”

The key items in the action plan include: the development of a risk management framework, delivering a national heavy vehicle awareness road safety campaign, chain of responsibility training and implementing new guidelines for the registration of Industry Codes of Practice.

CEO of the NHVR Sal Petroccitto said the strategies are in line with the body’s long-term vision.

“A number of key items are already being delivered including a national health check of Australia’s heavy vehicle fleet, a national inspection manual and national notices to reduce the reliance on permits,” he said.

“The heavy vehicle industry has told us they are looking for a safe level playing field whether it’s an operator in an outback community, a transport company in the middle of a major city or a business involved in the supply chain purchasing transport services.

“This will improve industry and the Regulator by focusing resources on activities that provide the greatest safety and productivity benefits through addressing unacceptable high-risk behaviours.

“I am excited by the prospect of industry, including supply chain parties, and the NHVR working together to achieve the regulator and industry we envisage for 2020.”