Truck market leader Isuzu has declared it is well prepared  for the surge in  truck sales and in particular in its own sales  saying that its 15000 square metre national parts distribution centre at Truganina on Melbournes’s western edge is playing a bigger role than ever.

With truck sales figures for the first six months of 2023. revealing that Isuzu  leads the market  with more than 7000 truck sales for the year so far  and the potential to reach or top 15000 truck sales in 2023 the company said this week that it is well-prepared to meet surging requirements for parts and after sales support.

Last year, Isuzu sold 13,360 units, marking a new record and its 34th consecutive year of truck sales leadership and this year’s reflect that  continued upwards trend with the ongoing sales surge mentioned above.

Isuzu says that supporting all new customers and an existing repeat pool with after sales excellence is a priority for the company.

Isuzu’s giant national parts distribution centre, which is housed within its head office is playing a more important role than ever.

Isuzu says that the  facility is recognised as one of the largest truck parts and component sites in the southern hemisphere and is a key asset in helping Isuzu maintain its reputation for efficient and effective parts turnaround.

The Melbourne-based site is now in its fifth year of operation and also incorporates the Isuzu Power Solutions operations and development centre, as well as its administration, sales, engineering and services.

The company says its parts distribution centre has expanded to process upwards of 16,000 items per day out to its dealer network by air, rail, road and  sea for partners throughout the South Pacific. It says this requires just under 50 staff on rotating shifts from 5am through to 10 pm each day.

Isuzu says it receives and processes an average of 450, 40-foot shipping containers every year—a number that it says is growing with local truck and Power Solutions sales.

“We pick an average of 3000 lines of stock every day, which equates to over 600,000 every year,” said Isuzu’s parts warehouse manager, Leanne Peterson.

“From that number, over 70,000 consignments are shipped-out every year to wherever they need to go. It is critical that we move extremely efficiently at this end of the supply chain so our customers can get out on the road again as quickly as possible.

“The Isuzu dealer network is digitally connected to the National Parts Distribution Centre which ensures access to view all National parts inventory, including peer dealers, maximising the dealer’s ability to provide the best customer service possible.

“We hold about seven million items in this warehouse at any one time, which includes the smallest electrical components right up to replacement cabs, engines, and transmissions.

“Our calculations tell us that we pick, pack and ship around 7.5 million kilograms of parts every year.”

Isuzu says  that at any one time, its national parts distribution centre holds in the vicinity of 35,000 lines of stock, distributing this across 100  plus locations in the Oceania region.

Isuzu Trucks  says it offers parts and componentry under three key product ranges: Genuine Parts, Isuzu Approved Parts and its Second Tier Best Value Parts or ‘BVP’ range.

“Our Genuine Parts range is developed and manufactured to stringent Isuzu quality standards and testing, which ensures maximum productivity and a high level of performance for our customer’s trucks,” said national parts sales manager, Joel Gledhill.

“This also assists them to optimise the future re-sale value for those vehicles where Genuine Isuzu Parts are used.

“Our Approved Parts range includes a number of leading brands such as Meritor, Fleetguard, Eaton, Hendrickson and Allison, to name a few, and provides a wide range of trusted products,” Gledhill continued.

“This ensures the ongoing reliability of an Isuzu vehicle and in many cases the parts can also fit other brands of trucks, which is beneficial for those dealerships and affiliated service centres who service a range of different truck brands.”

Isuzu says its ‘BVP’ range comprises a comprehensive selection of service parts to suit older model Isuzu Trucks. Included are starter motors, alternators, drive belts, brake components, clutch components and filters, making it one of the most dynamic product ranges in the business, and one that IAL continually expands to keep up as customer requirements change over time.

Isuzu says it offers a three-year warranty on all Isuzu Genuine and Approved Parts and Accessories when installed by an approved dealership or Authorised Service and Parts Outlet (ASPO). The BVP range is offered with a 12-month warranty, regardless of the installer.

“These generous warranty terms are offered to ensure support continues for Isuzu customers in the long-term and show that we’re proud to stand behind the quality of our products,” said Gledhill.

The company says the next 24 months is set to be an interesting period in Australian trucking history with the competing forces of high-volume sales, lingering supply chain issues and the manufacture of new battery electric technology to contend with.

Now in the process of designing an all-new model line-up, including its first EV platform expected to land on shore within this timeframe, Isuzu Trucks says it  is geared for a busy time ahead, and Warehouse Manager, Leanne Peterson said the National Parts Distribution Centre is ready to assist in meeting demand.

“There certainly is growing demand but we have the facility, the technology and importantly the people to ensure Isuzu continues to be at the forefront in meeting the needs of our customers.