Nearly 1000 trucks have been inspected by NSW police and RMS inspectors in the three-day ‘Operation Impact’ in the Pine Creek, Eden and Bega region.

The operation uncovered 122 defects for 303 faults, including brakes suspension, body and chassis, fuel and oil leaks, steering, wheels, tyres and emissions violations.

A total of 22 defects require immediate rectification, while 96 were deemed minor infringements.

Inspectors also tested 34 ECUs, with seven breaches uncovered to disable the 100km/h limiter.

Random drug testing of 365 drivers returned 17 positive results, while all 1008 who were breathalysed were under the limit.

Paul Endycott, general manager of compliance operations at RMS said it was disappointing to see heavy vehicle operators putting others at risk with faulty machinery.

“While most of the heavy vehicle industry understands the importance of vehicle safety and encourage good driver behaviour, the results of this operation show there is a minority who continue to flout the law and operate unsafe trucks on our roads,” Endycott said.

“Not only are these drivers and operators risking the reputation of their business and their livelihoods, they are putting every road user at risk and Roads and Maritime and NSW Police will not tolerate this behaviour.”

Transport operators in the Southern NSW have been put on warning by assistant commissioner John Hartley, with Operation Impact the second blitz in as many months in the state, following a similar operation in the Nowra region in May.

“Whilst we will continue to conduct joint operations, the main aim is to ensure drivers, operators, customers, and loaders are well aware of their obligations,” Hartley said.

“By taking out defective trucks, trailers and drug drivers, we reduce the amount of risk on our roads that lead to serious injury and fatal crashes.”