Leading automotive logistics and transport specialist, PrixCar has recently purchased two International ProStar sleeper cab prime movers, which are primarily being used to haul B-Double drop deck trailers to transport trucks all around the country.

PrixCar Services National Fleet Manager, Goran Koviloski, said that the ProStar model was well specified for heavy duty vehicle transportation duties.

“We were looking for a bonneted truck which would fit our specific truck-carrying window, good visibility and with the right driveline,” Goran said.

“With 550hp (410kW) and 1850 lb.-ft. (2508Nm), the ProStar’s output is ideal for the application, providing sufficient power and torque without being over the top for the application. We matched the engine to the ‘Ultrashift Plus’ Automated Manual Transmission.”

The driveline has also been specified with ‘ADEPT’ technologies. ADEPT takes engine and transmission integration to the highest levels to deliver even better fuel efficiency returns.

“Increasingly across our entire fleet we’re moving towards automated transmissions because of the benefits they provide operationally, these include reduced fatigue levels for the drivers and lower maintenance costs,” Goran said.

The two new vehicles which are finished in silver PrixCar livery are assigned to regular drivers and based in Brisbane, allowing them to be deployed north, south or west depending on delivery requirements.

The trucks can cover up to 5,000 kilometres per week and at times the drivers will sleep in the trucks en route to a delivery or when returning home, making full use of its generous dimensions and full height standing cabin.

“Typically the ProStars could work up to 365 days per annum so it doesn’t take long to accumulate the kilometres,” Goran said.

“The ProStars will work wherever they’re required; this could be as far west as Perth, along the eastern seaboard and even in outback areas.”

According to Goran, feedback from the drivers has been extremely positive.

“Our drivers are enjoying using the ProStars, after a couple of months in operation there’s not been a single concern raised by them,” he said

“They like the comfort and power and are also pleased with the visibility from the sloping bonnet.

“As the Fleet Manager I’m also pleased with the trucks at this early stage – the ProStars have been hassle-free to operate. We haven’t yet done any in-depth fuel economy analysis, but all early indications are that they will be an efficient vehicle to operate.”