Japanese truck maker UD  has  announced an update to  its flagship Quon models,  featuring additional safety, better fuel efficiency and more power, among other gains on the latest evolution of the heavy duty model.

UD, now owned by Japanese rival Isuzu, but still distributed in Australia  by its previous owner, Volvo Group, has been kicking  a few goals in Australia in recent times with some strong sales results in what is a well specified and very capable rate of trucks.

TWe he latest incarnation  of the UD Quon features a raft of engine upgrades along with the addition of more active safety features which the company says brings more performance, efficiency and value.

The Quon’s 11-litre engine’s power ratings are up at the lower end of the scale with the 390hp rating now up to 400hp and the 420hp variant upgraded to 430hp. The 460hp variant retains that power rating, however torque is up across the range,with the 460 now boasting  2250 Nm and the 400 now delivering 2000Nm of torque.

UD says the improvements are aimed at minimising driveline drag, and as a result, achieve better fuel efficiency.

Improved piston and cylinder design, along with a new turbocharger, and lower offset, as well as low drag hypoid drive axles have all combined to provide a significant reduction in fuel consumption says UD.

The Euro 6 emissions compliant 11-litre engine family now also benefits from the option of extended oil drain intervals to reduce workshop visits.

The 11-litre Quon range also features UD’s 12-speed ESCOT AMT while the 8-litre Quon variants have the choice of ESCOT or a 6-speed Allison automatic transmission.

UD says that one of the new active safety features added across the Quon 8-litre and 11-litre range includes the newStop & Driver Initiate Go function, that  it claims makes the vehicle safer and easier to drive by automatically controlling speed and reducing driver stress and fatigue.

Other improvements include a revised Traffic Eye Brake System and Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) that triggers an alarm to alert drivers when they unintentionally leave the lane and UD Stability Control that automatically detects and adjusts engine output and braking to retain truck stability.

The company says that all Quon models will now also come equipped with UD’s BSIS (Blind Spot Information System). The BSIS radar system monitors the left-hand side of the truck and can detect pedestrians and cyclists as well as vehicles. A two-stage warning system moves from a visual A-pillar warning light to an audio alarm and an alert on the instrument panel.

“The evolution of the Quon continues, with this latest iteration of our best-selling vehicle proving that performance and driver comfort don’t have to compromise safety and efficiency,” said UD Trucks Australia vice president, Lauren Pulitano.

“This truck sets us well on the way towards our goal of zero accident and zero emissions in the future,” Pulitano said.

“The Quon already exceeds Euro 6 emissions standards and now coupled with significant fuel efficiency gains these latest improvements are yet another step towards providing sustainable options for Australian transport operators.”

“Many of our vehicles are operating in the urban environment for their entire working day, navigating city streets, laneways and construction sites right in the midst of pedestrians, cyclists and other vulnerable road users.” “These latest safety advances help make our cities a safer place to be and the Quon our safest truck yet.”

The UD Quon is available in 4×2, 6×2, 6×4 and 8×4 configurations across a wide range of wheelbases to suit rigid and prime mover applications.