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King of the heavy duty markets in Australia, Kenworth, has  unveiled a new ‘king of cabs’ with its ‘giant’ 1400mm aero roof sleeper for its T610 model, completing the T610 sleeper cab line up.

Kenworth has progressively released application-engineered T610 cab configurations since the introduction of the T610 and T610SAR in early 2017,  including the day cab, 860mm aero, 760mm mid-roof, and most recently the 600mm aero sleeper which offers room for both a sleeper and a bullbar in combination with full-length 34 pallet trailer sets within the 26m B-double envelope.

According to Kenworth the new T610 1400 mm sleeper means the T610 range now provides Australian operators the broadest choice of purpose-built cabs and sleepers for their needs. The company says the T610 1400mm  sleeper option is suitable for a range of applications from single trailers to road trains and has been designed and engineered here for Australia’s unique regulations and conditions.

The new sleeper comes with even more interior space and in-cab standing room than its 50” predecessor offering enhanced driver comfort, space and flexibility in fit-out, the most spacious sleeper in the Kenworth range.

The 1400mm sleeper comes with a superior 790mm inner spring mattress as standard and the option of a King single, which is 300mm wider than the standard at 1090mm. The upper bunk option, if selected is 100mm wider than in the 50” cab .

There are many different fit-out combinations and options to tailor to your needs, depending upon your selected bunk size. With the King single there is rear wall hanging space and shelving. The standard bunk comes with multiple storage tower and hanging space options.

Both configurations feature separate clean and wet storage under the bunk, provision for a stand up fridge and shelf cavity for appliances such as a microwave, over-door storage, optional 240v electric sockets and sleeper power distribution modules, and the option of a slave air conditioning unit.

Designed from the inside out in a decade-long development process, the T610 cabin is centred entirely on the needs of the driver. Touted as Kenworth’s ‘Best Truck Yet’, the design incorporates greater foot space, more storage, wider walkthrough access between the seats and more expansive door and windscreen glass, providing space, visibility and ergonomics never before seen in Kenworth’s suite of Australian-made trucks.

“The core of the T610 project was about building a bigger cab to create the ultimate driver environment, which leads to better all-round driving performance, safety, efficiency and productivity” said Brad May, PACCAR Australia’s director sales and marketing.

“The 1400mm sleeper cab option allows maximum living space for our customers whose applications allow it. The Aero roof allows freedom of movement with full height standing room between the seats – and a fantastic bunk as standard that allows a quality well-earned sleep for drivers.”

Fuel efficiency is critical, so Kenworth spent significant time optimising the shape and surfaces over the sleeper cab roof to improve the aerodynamics while delivering an impressive looking truck for the most discerning of buyers. An optional roof fairing completes the picture for when backed up to maximum height trailers.The result of more than 100,000 Australian design hours and more than ten million kilometres of testing and validation, the T610 has been the single largest investment in product development the company has made in Australia. From idea to reality, this significant investment in new technologies and design is specifically for the Australian road transport market.

The T610 and T610SAR represent everything a Kenworth should be in terms of durability, reliability and safety. Yet the really noticeable product improvements are the superior space, ergonomics and driver comfort and control – the drumbeat behind Kenworth’s ‘Best Truck Yet.’

The T610 builds on a proven approach honed over many years, starting in 1975 with the first Australian designed and manufactured Kenworth, the W900SAR and later the development and evolution of other iconic models such as the aerodynamic T600, and the K series range.

It is the culmination of more than 40 years of Australian design and application engineering experience, integrating with a parallel development program drawing on the global resources of PACCAR.