Specialist  automotive electric and lighting specialist, Narva has upgraded its LED Load light with the addition of a glare shield.

The company said that with many road freight movements occurring at night, having adequate load lighting whether for loading or unloading at the depot, or for checking load restraint by the side of the road, is critical.

It added that its LED Load light is already a popular aftermarket addition for commercial vehicles, as well as being offered as standard fitment  by a leading local heavy duty truck manufacturer,  and  the upgraded version  makes it eve more attractive for truck operators.

Narva says  the load light  is designed for mounting to the side mirror frames of trucks, aiming backwards towards the truck body or trailing equipment in the case of articulated and multi-combination vehicles,  and the latest L.E.D Load Light continues to provide high quality light output.

It uses a single powerful 25W ‘Cree’ L.E.D, the 9-36V Load Light emits 2500 Lumen spot beam down each side of the truck, and is capable of producing 1 Lux of light at 160m, allowing for safe and easy load adjustment if required, or providing added visibility when reversing.

The company says that while the spot beam is already narrow and targeted, the new glare shield further safeguards against glare, distraction or ‘dazzling’ of other road users, while also protecting the driver’s eyes when in use.

It adds that  the carryover benefits of the L.E.D Load Light include a tough die-cast alloy housing and fully sealed construction to IP68, allowing it to withstand demanding Australian road transport conditions.

As the lights are reverse polarity and surge protected, installation is extremely straight forward and they are available in right hand side or as a pair, while each kit also includes a universal mirror mounting bracket for easy fitment no matter the truck make.

Narva says its L.E.D Load Light is backed by a 5-year L.E.D warranty and can be purchased from leading automotive and transport outlets throughout Australia.