Leading kitchen cupboard manufactuerer and truck fleet operator, Borg Manufacturing has reached a milestone in its relationship with Volvo Trucks by taking taken delivery of a special edition 25th anniversary Volvo FH16.

Borg Manufacturing has  been using Volvo trucks in its kitchen doors and panels business for more than a decade and is one of Volvo’s largest customers in Australia.

Volvo says the 25 year special edition FH16 is fitted with the latest technology currently offered by the company and has been dedicated to the Borg brother’s parents, Vivian and Paul, for the support and guidance they have given Michael,  John and Darren over the years.

Volvo says the Special Edition truck’s technology consists of a second information display for the driver with touch screen including an internet portal to support Dynafleet, GPS navigation,  Spotify,weather forecast and even a digital version of the operator’s manual.

It also boasts something cvalled Dynamic Steering Evolution, which the company says is electronically assisted steering with customisable personal settings and a unique lane keeping function that helps the driver stay in the middle of the lane by applying gentle corrections to the steering, or in the most extreme cases of skidding, automatically counter steers  and applies the brakes to individual wheels, to give the driver full control as quickly and safely as possible.

The truck also comes with 1-See, terrain reading cruise control system that uses G PS and cloud technology to read the road ahead and prepares the powertrain for different gradients.

It is also fitted with a crawler gear equipped Volvo I-Shift transmission while all 25 year edition Volvo FH’s are apparently also EXSTER capable, meaning that a third party remote control unit can be connected to the truck allowing it to be operated from outside the cab at speeds up to 10 km/h


Volvo claims that  the FH 25th anniversary edition is the most innovative and advanced Volvo truck available  on the Australian market.

“We wanted to do something special to honour Vivian and Paul,” said Tony O’Connell, Vice President Volvo Trucks Australia.

“We are incredibly proud and humbled to have a loyal family like the Borgs as valued customers. Their commitment to Volvo Trucks has not been taken for granted, and we hope they enjoy the new truck and all the features that come with it.”

“We see our customers as family and know the hard work they do every day to getthe job done. We put effort in to support them in their everyday endeavours.”

The Borg  family began manufacturing kitchen doors  in 1978 when brothers, Michael and John, combined their  carpentry and spray-painting skills. 

Initially beginning operations in their  parents’ residential garage, Michael borrowed $75,000 to fund  the construction of their  first  factory in Charmhaven on the NSW Central Coast north of Sydney. . Faced with the decision to build either  doors  or kitchens, the brothers chose the former, and in 1991 invested in automation equipment to enhance the efficiency of production.

Darren came into  the business once there was an uptake in orders that led the company to operate and manage its own fleet operations, the same fleet  that  will soon welcome the new FH16 25th anniversary truck.