UD trucks has announced it has embarked on a drive around Australia, which the Isuzu owned, Volvo distributed brand has labelled as ‘an epic lap of the map’.

UD claims that a 3000 mile odyssey by its founder Kenzo Adachi to prove the ultimate dependability of the new vehicle back in 1939, was the inspiration for the Aussie drive.

UD says  that the dependability and reliability of the UD brand in Australia was established long ago, and as a result this journey instead focusses on the people and the faces that have become a part of the UD family since it’s inception.

Following Australia’s National Highway 1 the fully loaded UD Quon CW25 360 is circumnavigating the country, stopping in to visit customers and dealers over the course of the 15,000-kilometre trip.

“We feel that the quality of the UD product speaks for itself, however, the Australian UD story is so much more than a tough dependable truck.” said Lauren Pulitano, vice president of UD Trucks Australia. “

“UD customers and dealers around the country have been key to our success over the last nearly five decades, this trip is both a homage to Adachi-San as well as a celebration of customer success and partnership,”  she said.

“This is also a fantastic opportunity to showcase the comfort, economy and connectivity of the UD Quon.”

The tour departed on 3rd November and UD says the Lap of the Map will encounter all the extremes in terrain and temperature that the Australian continent is renowned for.

From the towering forests of East Gippsland and Southwest WA to the searing heat of the Pilbara and the Kimberly and from bustling capital cities to dusty wheatbelt towns.

UD says that people can keep an eye out for the distinctive UD as it rolls across the country. Follow the journey on TikTok and Facebook. #UDtruckslapofthemap