Scania  has announce it is launching a new app, which it says is  aimed at truck drivers, complementing and expanding on its much-loved Driver Support in-dash tool, to provide a wide range of additional information, features and benefits.

The company says  that the Australian version of the Scania Driver App is now available to download from Apple or Android app stores.

“We have worked with the Scania electronic business experience teams in Sweden to present an Australianised version of the new Scania Driver App that is relevant for local conditions, local Scania products and local Scania services,” said Hamed Shoghi, who is leading the digitalisation function of the Scania Business Transformation Department at Scania Australia head office in Melbourne.

Scania says its Driver App will offer an intuitive design, one-vehicle view and easy navigation, straightforward access to vehicle data , which is refreshed every 10 minutes, a Check Before Drive function integrated with defect reporting, driver evaluation driving tips, a guide to find the closest Scania workshop or dealer, one-touch Scania Assistance call button, and a request service booking feature.

“Scania has been at the forefront of connected vehicle data capture, monitoring and analysis for the past 15 years,” Hamed said.

“With more than 600,000 connected Scania vehicles already in service globally, we have a very well-established  fleet management portal (My Scania) that allows fleet managers and business owners to see at a glance – or in depth – how their vehicles and drivers are performing, where they are located, and the timeframe for future service or repairs. This will continue to be provided via desktop view or via a dedicated mobile phone app for fleet managers, called Scania Fleet App.

“However, the Scania Driver App provides a more personalised store of information for the driver, limited to the vehicle they are driving, which we believe will be of greater interest and value to the driver, aiding efficiency and safety as well as keeping them up-to-date,” Hamed added.

“In the current climate where transport and logistics businesses are focused on cost reductions and mitigation in the face of high inflation and rising fuel costs, fleet managers and vehicle owners need drivers to perform at peak efficiency in order to reduce running costs and achieve their company’s total operating economy targets.

“The Scania Driver App can be downloaded for free from an app store and can be easily linked to the driver’s vehicle and trailer (if relevant). The app gives the driver the ability to review their performance and a raft of vehicle information sources, from the comfort of their mobile phone where ever they are.

“While there is plenty of operational information available from the in-dash display screens, the Scania Driver App gives drivers a wider view which can be remotely accessed from home or a truck stop or motel,” Hamed said.

All Scania trucks sold in Australia over the past 8-9 years have been equipped with the Scania Communicator data collection system that continuously gathers and feeds information to the My Scania portal.

Trucks that are connected to the Scania Monitoring or Control packages will be visible to the Scania Driver App. The Control Package has been part of the Scania Repair and Maintenance programme since 2019, so all vehicle on R&M are already set up for Scania Driver App connection.

The Check Before Drive function walks the driver through a pre-departure check according to list assigned via My Scania, which can be tailored to each operator’s preference. Once completed, the report is sent to the My Scania portal. This function also allows the driver to report any defects instantly.

The View Service Booking function applies to the truck and can also include a trailer, to keep the driver apprised of up-coming service schedules. The app can also alert the driver when the vehicle is ready for collection after a workshop visit.

The Find a Workshop function identifies the closest Scania workshop or authorised independent dealer to the vehicle, and provides suitable contact details and directions for the driver.

Scania Assistance is a global programme that is available to every Scania owner and driver, and offers a single phone number for instant contact. The Scania Driver App provides one-touch access to the number for the driver to call when assistance is required.

A further function is a feedback tool where drivers can comment on the functionality of the app, as well as to suggest further features they would like to see included.

Unlike the in-dash Scania Driver Support system that provides feedback and star ratings on four elements of driver performance, the Scania Driver App will collect and hold these results allowing drivers to review their performance over a longer period than a single journey.

“We know drivers like to take a snap-shot of a good result on the Driver Support screen and share it with their mates or managers, but now with the Driver App they will be able to see a more representative review of their driving performance over a longer period,” he said.

The Scania Driver App is also ready for a zero tailpipe transportation future, able to provide valuable data to drivers of Scania’s Battery Electric Vehicles. These include battery state of charge levels; distance to energy empty; indicators of charge being added to the battery; and departure scheduling – whereby the charging profile is adjusted to the gentlest level to prolong battery life. There’s also remote cab climate control, range prediction and driving advice.

“The new Scania Driver App will provide many driver-friendly benefits but will also give operators and fleets greater peace-of-mind that their trucks are compliant with local operating rules as well as chain of responsibility legislation,” Hamed said.

“While the Scania Driver App has plenty of features, we can already see scope to add further elements to make a driver’s life a bit easier, or provide them with see-at-a-glance information that will save them time and keep them safe on the road. We are confident that the Scania Driver App will quickly amass a big following among Australia’s Scania driver group,” he said.