mercedes-benz actros self-driving tech

Mercedes-Benz Actros operators are now able to tick a box to have their new trucks fitted with state-of-the-art self-driving technology.

Called Active Drive Assist, the system is optional and boasts what’s known as SAE Level 2 automated driving capability.

No, trucks fitted with the tech can’t actually operate without a driver, instead, the system works in conjunction with the driver to keep the truck out of harm’s way.

The big Benz is the first truck boasting level two automation capability on the Aussie market.

The system uses cameras that monitor lane markings, and then will actively steer the truck to keep it centred within its lane.

The driver must still have both hands on the wheel and be ready to take over from the system if required.

And he or she can overrule the system if desired or deactivate it entirely.

Is it safe? Has it been thoroughly tested? Mercedes-Benz Trucks Australia tells us they’ve undertaken 1.2 million test kilometres validating the system.

“Mercedes-Benz Trucks’ Level 2 automation makes life easier for drivers and boosts safety by helping reduce fatigue.” – Mercedes-Benz Trucks Australia Pacific Director, Andrew Assimo

“The feedback from our validation program has been overwhelmingly positive from drivers who can really appreciate the benefits of the system after experiencing it first-hand.

“This is a driver assistance feature, not a driver replacement feature.”