Daimler bus brand Setra has launched its newest model in the TopClass 500 range, the S 531 DT double decker.

The new model is claimed to be the most efficient, aerodynamic and safest model with a number of design upgrades and the inclusion of Daimler’s new Active Brake Assist 4 (ABA 4) system, which warns drivers visually and audibly of pedestrians as well as initiating partial braking and reducing the risk of a collision significantly.

The safety package always includes Sideguard Assist for the first time in a bus, it which uses radar sensors to monitor the lane to the right of the bus along the vehicle’s entire length. When turning off and cornering, it warns the driver of pedestrians, cyclists and stationary obstacles in the turning path. Outside of built-up areas, it additionally serves as a lane-changing assistant.

According to head of Daimler Buses, Hartmut Schick, the S 531 DT will be as successful as the current line of Setra buses, which has seen more than 2,300 double decker sales since 2003.

“The Setra double-decker is the biggest and most comfortable touring coach from Daimler Buses and the clear market leader in its segment. No other coach is as fuel-efficient, flexible and safe as the new two-decker premium touring coach from our EvoBus plant in Neu-Ulm,” he said.

“It demonstrates yet again the technological expertise and ingenuity that make Daimler Buses such a success worldwide. I am certain that our new double decker will build directly on the success of its predecessor.”

Daimler has reduced the drag coefficient of the new model which it claims has resulted in a 10 per cent reduction in fuel consumption for the 14m long coach.

As well as being more efficient, the new model’s tank is also 30L larger thanks to the air tanks being relocated and a 40L AdBlue tank.

The S 531 DT is powered by a Euro VI compliant 12.8L six-cylinder producing 510 horsepower and 2,500Nm of torque, mated to Merc’s eight-speed Powershift transmission.