Bendix  has announced it has stepped up to serve the needs of operators using disc brake equipped European trucks particularly in  refuse collection applications  such as front lift, rear and side loader compactor work.

Bendix points out that there has been a notable shift in recent years towards European brand trucks including Mercedes and Volvo models for refuse collection applications, so the well known brake manufacturer has addressed the market with a new range of disc brake pads particularly for this market.

Bendix says that the wider adoption of these vehicles is largely being driven by private and government operators, wanting to provide improved safety for drivers and other road users, as well as to achieve better emissions performance.

it says that on the safety front, these trucks feature a wide range of active and passive technologies as well as excellent visibility and easy cabin access and that another performance benefit of the European trucks compared to North American driveline alternatives is the use of disc brakes on all axles.

As we all know disc brakes offer superior stopping performance compared to drum brakes, but were traditionally not favoured for heavy vehicle applications because of their added cost both to manufacture and maintain.

Bendix says its Protrans HD Disc Pads are cost effective and easy to install with all hardware included and ready to fit, and also feature Titanium Bedding-in technology to further reduce installation time as they’re ready to use without a bedding in procedure.

Specifically developed for high stress applications such as the stop and start conditions experienced by waste collection trucks, concrete agitators and buses working on inner city routes, Protrans HD Disc feature friction material that is formulated to cope with the high temperatures found in constant braking environments at high GVM loading, overcoming any fear of premature wear.

Bendix says its inhouse testing shows the Protrans HD pads offer improved durability when compared to many aftermarket and OE pads, particularly at elevated operating temperatures. Additionally Bendix claims its Protrans HD pads were also found to reduce rotor wear – together this can result in longer service intervals, reduced fleet maintenance costs and less downtime.

Bendix says the Protrans HD Disc Pads meet ECE Regulation 90 (ECE-R90) which specifies the design, construction, performance requirements and test protocols for strict European regulations.

The  company says the Protrans HD range is comprehensive with pads available to suit a wide range of European truck and bus brands as well as certain Japanese models. Additionally, the pads are compatible with many popular truck trailer brands.