Isuzu boss Phil Taylor believes operators aren’t using the brand’s Telematics system to its full potential, and sees it as a tool for road safety more than a tracker.

The Australian developed system integrates real-time data with vehicle monitoring, using a black-box and wireless technology to transmit data to servers to provide a range of information including live positioning and engine data.

Taylor said the system is underutilised as a safety tool.

“Our research shows telematics is still being used primarily for vehicle tracking, and as market leaders we need to be getting the message out there that this technology has enormous capacity to positively impact road safety in Australia,” Taylor said.

“Freight is anticipated to triple by 2050, and as an industry we need widespread adoption of intelligent systems like telematics to meet demand safely and efficiently.

“In the next decade we are going to see that telematics will be the single most important technological development in our vehicles and on our roads.”

The market leader offers two levels of telematics, Connect and Connect Plus, which both provide round-the-clock reporting on driver speed, over revving, heavy braking and adherence to geo-fenced regions in order to give greater insight for fleet managers.

Connect, which can also be retrofitted, features live tracking, mechanical notifications and theft alert, while Connect Plus adds engine management data as well as a panic button, collision alerts and door open monitors.