Long time executive director of Bus NSW Darryl Mellish has announced that he will retire from the role on 31 July handing over to current Bus NSW Industry Development manager, Matt Threlkeld

Mellish has been the head of Bus NSW for the past 18 years but will be staying on as a non-executive director and advisor to the industry on a part time basis oncer he retires from the top job.

Matt Threlkeld has been with BusNSW since 2007 and prior to that was the manager of Sydney bus operator, Transit First which has since been taken over by Transdev.

Mellish told Coach & Bus that time was right to hand over the baton and that Threlkeld was the right man for the job with the right blend of experience, knowledge and expertise.

“Matt has great ideas and is respected by the industry and key stakeholders, as well as that we are in a period of relative stability from a contract and regulatory standpoint and it’s a good time to change,” said Darryl Mellish.

“Matt will have some challenges and opportunities ahead and I want to rebalance the family and work environment and have some fun,” he added.

” I have been very fortunate and I’ve had a great 18 years in the industry.

“The bus industry is involved in all aspects of community and business and I’ve had the pleasure of working with great people and great businesses.”

During his reign at the top of Bus NSW Darryl Mellish has seen seven transport ministers and six BusNSW Presidents and a huge amount of significant reform in the industry

From Matt Threlkeld’s perspective he believes it is a huge honour to have been offered the role and he will grasp it with both hands.

“BusNSW is made up of a large membership of dedicated operators and suppliers and it is our jpb to represent them and deal with the stakeholders and that means a huge responsibility.

” I have benefitted from Darryl’s huge corporate experience while at BusNSW, and I am really glad Darryl will be still around and available for consultation for some time to come,” he added.

“Our outgoing president Frank D’Apuzzo, and Darryl have ensured we are well placed to meet future challenges and I am looking forward to building on that with our new president John King and the BusNSW board.”