Precision Buses and BusTech have announced a rebrand which the merged operation says will become one integrated mobility brand.

The new branding will see the operation known as  the BusTechGroup and will build on its successful foundation as one of Australia’s leading independent bus manufacturers.

The company says that the BusTechGroup rebrand renews its promise to deliver ‘innovative mobility solutions enabled by technology to drive the future of mass mobility in Australia’.

BusTech Group has launched a new logo to coincide with the unveiling of the new brand, along with an updated corporate website ( which it says will be ‘focused on designing, building and delivering market-leading mobility solutions tailored to the needs of their customers’.

The BusTech Group rebrand reinforces our vision to fuse new transport technologies with our unrivalled busexperience to create innovative mass transit solutions. Harmonizing the two brands will strengthen our capacityto meet market demand and execute on our technology and innovation roadmap” said chairman of the new BusTech Group, Christian Reynolds,  who brings expertise to the role following his former roles, particularly as an executive at electric vehicle specialist, Tesla

The rebrand also represents the evolution of BusTech Group as a leader in the next generation of connectedtransit and reaffirms our core ethos of producing innovative transit solutions to better serve our customers,”continues Reynolds.

BusTech Group in its corporate statement declares that it is an Australian bus group ‘designed for a connected world – delivering integrated, low-emission mass mobility solutions enabled bytechnology’.

The company says that its buses are designed, built and manufactured in Australia to the specific needs of its customers and with an emphasis on sovereign capacity and mutually beneficial local supplier partnerships, it  operates a micro factory model that it says drives local economic growth whilst reducing its environmental footprint.

The company says it believes the future of mass transit is a connected ecosystem with buses at the heart; and we are committed to enabling the next generation of connected transit.